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Tailor Swift

Contrary to the title, this blog post actually has nothing to do with Taylor Swift (hence the change in spelling) I just thought the title was catchy, cute, and appropriate for what I want to talk about. I was flipping through In Style magazine when I noticed a page that showed different ideas and how to incorporate summer and fall pairings into your wardrobe. I happen to love the idea of summer in winter because it gets you to think creatively and whip up outfits you never thought of because of those “unspoken rules” that we all now rebel against. White slip dresses can be worn with black tights and an over sized cardigan, while floral dresses can be worn in darker shades and with a turtleneck to cozy up. I never thought of wearing a flowing maxi dress with a structured trench coat with booties until I saw that page in the magazine. I thought what a genius idea! The combination of ethereal and tailored is not a new concept but I never saw the trench coat as a versatile piece. Yes, the iconic Burberry trench is a classic staple that will never go out of style and is used as the function of a coat. What I saw in In Style was the idea of the classic more mature trench being used in a more trendy, informal way therefore making it more modern and playful rather than stiff and formal. Many times the trench is worn buttoned up and cinched at the waist which, don’t get me wrong, I love the look! But wearing it open over an airy lightweight dress makes the trench seem effortless and casual. It inspires me to take more formal, structured outfits and transform them into easy, weightless pieces that would make them more desirable to wear in any event at any occasion! If this doesn’t make you a “swifty” I don’t know what will!



Trench coat: Vinatge Burberry

Dress: Zara

Boots: Sigerson Morrison

Sunnies: Fendi

Photographer: Dara Maidenbaum

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