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Miss Dior Cherie

Christian Dior is one of the most iconic legendary designers in fashion. Established in 1946, Christian Dior made a splash in the fashion world designing clothes showcasing the female silhouette by accentuating their waists and highlighting their greatest assets- their curves. At first, women were not too keen on his designs for they felt there was too much material hiding their shape and form. Dior made a daring move by creating clothes that covered more but in a fashionable, elegant way. By manipulating fabrics, his dresses flared out by the waist putting focus on the typically smallest part of the female body and emphasizing their curves. I’m all about petticoats, bodices, and corsets. To me, Dior is the quintessential artist who understands and creates purely for the female silhouette. He emphasizes the femininity and beauty while being edgy and innovative, thus creating the perfect balance for the perfect outfit. Anytime I see an ad in a magazine or an image on Instagram from Dior I have this instant connection that goes way beyond what’s portrayed in the picture. I feel Dior understands exactly how to dress me and ultimately knows how to express my feelings because that’s what clothing does. Everything about Dior, the faces of their perfumes, the actresses who wear their gowns on the red carpet, and their runway show during Paris Fashion Week, all have the same characteristics. Strong, confident women who walk with poise and grace with a little bit of attitude and glamour . I obviously fit the profile, right?



Blazer: bonpoint Skirt: chic wish Boots: givenchy Hat: upper class hats Sunnies: alaia Bag: Celine Photographer: Dara Maidenbaum

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