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Cher Horrowitz 2.0

There are many decades in history that designers turn to for inspiration to make “new” again. The 70's has made a major comeback with flowy, bohemian dresses from Chloe and wild printed pant suits ala Gucci. The 1980's has also made its way to modernization with big shoulders from Marc Jacobs and Carolina Herrera, as well as bright neons and rouging silhouettes from Saint Laurent and Balenciaga. But the most unexpected comeback in the world of fashion is the the 1990's grunge-punk trend specifically in the form of plaid. The plaid trend has been around for the last few years but only recently has it made its way to the “classics” where it looks like it’s here to stay among the stripes and color blocks. The iconic movie Clueless portrayed the 90's trends to the fullest with the baggy pants, tube top dresses, and of course, the plaid mini skirts. The “school girl” trend if you will, has taken a more modern approach with classic matching plaid suits to a chic plaid gown with a white button down blouse underneath. Cher Horrowitz was a style icon way ahead of her time. The classic plaid yellow mini skirt and matching jacket is on every designers runway in some shape or form. Dions black and white plaid suit made Chanel’s classic ensemble hip and cool. Clueless has become a reference for styling and designing. High fashion and street chic have both been linked to recreating looks from this classic. Think you’ve seen the last of the 90s? As if!



Sweater, Blouse, Skirt: Petit Chic

Booties: Dries Van Noten

Sunnies: Celine

Photographer: Dara Maidenbaum

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