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Out With The Old, In With The Old

Every season I do a major closet purge to make some room for new clothes (despite my husbands liking). I’ve noticed over the last few seasons that I’ve been getting rid of plain, dull, boring clothing and replacing them with unique, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Although vintage has been around forever, it is only recently exploded into the mainstream fashion world becoming its own industry in itself. Every vintage item has its own story, its own character, woven into every stitch and every detail of the garment. Vintage is a special treasure that chooses its owner who is destined to create magic with that particular piece. Today, vintage has made space in the contemporary closet , incorporating its unique charm with a modern twist. Pairing a cropped leather jacket with a velvet, vintage maxi skirt is genius (in my humble opinion). With vintage... the possibilities are endless! Your imagination has the freedom to run wild and create innovative, different looks with items you would generally think are old and pase. You can take a 1980's prom dress that looks dated and 3x your size and think I can’t ever pull this off! But with a little nip here and shortening there, you have a Marc Jacobs inspired killer dress that looks like it’s straight off the runway! Add some amazing combat boots and you are millennial street chic. Vintage has inspired me in so many ways, thinking outside the box and allowing myself to think beyond the "expected" by expressing my individuality in unimaginable ways. Terms like badass, trendsetter, and showstopper have become a part of my vocabulary. How appropriate.



Skirt: My Mothers Armoire

Jacket: Nasty Gal

Top: H&M Shoes: Givenchy

Sunnies: Alaia

Bag: Celine

Photographer: Dara Maidenbaum

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