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Pink Rebel

I’ve always gravitated towards the usual neutral colors of black, grey, and navy, but would try to keep things interesting with a pop of color whether it’s a shoe or an accessory. Lately I’ve been feeling more bold with my color selections picking neons and brights but still staying true to my style. I’m a girly girl at heart but also a wannabe rockstar so however bright I go there’s always an element of edge, whether it’s a combat boot or a slouch beanie. I’m working on perfecting that perfect balance (if there’s such a thing) between just the right amount of pop and hip hop if you know what I mean. When I would get dressed in the past, I would be afraid of a loud color or a bold print because maybe it would draw too much attention and it would lead to distraction. As I’ve matured (I’m such an adult) I’ve found I’m more confident in wearing happier, more fun colors because I actually feel happier and more fun wearing them. I’m learning how to edit my choices and not get lost in the too bright or too dark of the color wheel. I’m exploring who I am and learning how and when to stand out in the crowd. I’m entering a whole new world of fashion as I embark on this blogger journey, taking more risks and feeling more creative. I’ve never felt more myself.



Sweater: Zara

Skirt: H.A.R.T_ny

Shoes: Givenchy

Sunnies: Jimmy Choo

Earrings: Jen K

Photographer: Dara Maidenbaum @daramaidenbaumphotography

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