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Started From the Bottom Now We Here

I’ve been struggling for a while on what my first official blog post should be. I started this blog 4 1/2 years ago, only now I am really starting to think about what I want to use my platform for. Instagram, for me, started off as a way to show my passion for fashion. Never did I think that social media would become a full blown industry creating millions of jobs where people could actually build a career from posting pictures of their lives. But when Instagram was just starting to heat up, life got in the way and my #ootd’s had to take a back seat for a bit so I could tend to my babies and figure out what exactly I wanted to do with my life. A standard 9-5 job never appealed to me and I knew I would drown in an office job. My mother always told me I needed to be out in the world, I needed to be seen and surrounded by people. So when I got the call that I was nominated as one of the Bloggers of the Year for Couture for a Cause, I thought this is my chance to get back into the game, to be seen, and make something of myself! Of course I was a nervous wreck thinking about if I lost I would never recover (dramatic, I know) but the thought of losing made me feel that the ship has sailed and I was a has been. But I won (!!!) and I was in total shock because I really felt it was the universe saying “you made it Frum!” Till this day I still can’t believe I actually won, it’s surreal. It reminds me that I this is my calling and what I’m supposed to do! This blog is about showcasing my my thoughts, my life, my hopes and dreams. Having you amazing people actually care to follow me, it brings me back to winning that award and realizing- I’ve only just begun.



Jacket: Alex Perry

Skirt: My Mother Armoire

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

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